Heartline Maternity Center Update from The Livesays

This is a post from Troy and Tara Livesay’s blog w/ an update on the Heartline Maternity Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

More than five years ago Beth McHoul, co-director of Heartline Ministries, had a strong sense that she should start a new program. Beth desired to respond to the incredible need for quality, respectful, maternal healthcare in Haiti. Additionally, she hoped to encourage young mothers to raise their children and avoid poverty-driven decision(s) to place their little ones in an institution.
Asking God for guidance, setting aside much fear, she slowly forged ahead and began with a very small program that met each week to offer education and vitamins. Along the way multiple friends from multiple countries encouraged the growth of the program with their ideas, guidance, prayers, and donations.
What began as a very small and quite undeveloped program is now an organized, high quality, beautifully functioning prenatal and labor & delivery program. The number of women concurrently being served has changed from twenty to about ninety*.

*Forty-two pregnant, forty-five in early childhood development. This number does not take the Depo Provera Family Planning program into account. That program is serving more than 500 women.

The dream and desire of twinning and even tripling the size of the prenatal program is alive in the hearts of the Heartline team.  Heartline owns a piece of land and with your help has already raised $145,000 toward building a new Maternity Center on that land.

We are excited to be growing responsibly and looking forward to the day the money is raised and the new maternity center can be built.  We believe that these programs are deeply impacting the women in our community and saving lives.

There is an enormous effort underway to spread the word beyond the current faithful base of Heartline supporters. We are excited to share more about that effort with you soon.

For now, we want to tell you about the weekend … CLICK HERE


The Kituntu Well Is Complete!

A few weeks back you saw my request to help SafeWorld fund another well in Uganda.  As I mentioned in a past post, the money was raised in about 48 hours after the request!  And just like that…the Kituntu Borehole was completed last Friday!  That’s how easy it is when a plan comes together by making a little sacrifice with our giving.  Here are some pictures from Uganda of the brand new Kituntu Village well and the locals getting clean water for the first time in their area!  We have PLENTY of opportunities for you to help with in 2012.  Contact me for information.  Thanks for your help!  -BT

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Buy a T-Shirt = Build a Life-Saving Clinic in Uganda

Calling all friends and family!  Remember the pics I took last year of the clinic in Uganda that was so bad off?  It’s time to help them out and get a killer summer t-shirt in the process.  $7 of each shirt helps SafeWorld help Nakaseke Hospital!  We need to raise $30k.  Please go here to check/order your shirt today: http://sevenly.org/?utm_source=Charity&utm_medium=Charity&utm_campaign=Charity_SafeWorld

Kituntu Village Well Pics!

A few weeks back you saw my request to help us at SafeWorld fund another well in Uganda.  The money was raised in about 48 hours after the request!  As promised…here are some of the first pictures coming back from Uganda of the Kituntu Village well build!  Thanks for your help!  Stay tuned for an exciting new launch to help you find awesome giving opportunities and help you meet your giving goals. -BT

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The Jesus Tattoo

This is one of my favorite stories I love to share from time to time.  I’ve shared it on Facebook, but this is the first time I posted it on my blog.

This is an email I recieved  from Pastor Simone Rwaramba who oversees over 800 orphans in Gisenyi, Rwanda (Africa).  I stayed at Pastor Simone’s house  and helped with the orphange, etc.  The kids were mesmerized by my tattoos…especially the one of Jesus dying on the cross.  Here’s what Pastor Simone sent me about one of the Muslim girls who saw my tattoo. (Please excuse his broken english/spelling):

Blake, Hello in the name of Jesus our Lord who have 1000 ways for the salvation of his people

It this reason coming in the world!!!!

I can imagine how was the analizes for differant people who see the Totoo on the body of people from Europe or USA!

But this was new, see someone with Totoo of Jesus Christ!

Kids was looking this, and you was saying: “see he is Jesus Chrcist”

Two months after, who can imagine than this will be the way for salvation?

Saida (Musilm’s name!) accept Jesus Christ, and said I beleved that Jesus Chrict is my server, because I saw someone who desined his picture on him because he love him that much and I want love him to that much too.

Said 16 year old was baptised at Christmas day, and her name changed “Gratia Tuyisenge” Amen!

She still in her sewing class in our program

Here you have her picture!


-Rev. Simon Pierre Rwaramba

Rwanda kids checking out the Jesus tattoo

Gratia Tuyisenge


WOW! Thank you guys so much! We reached our goal!  We just funded another well and you just improved the lives of about 500 villagers in Central Uganda!  Thanks to those who pitched in.  We completed the funding for the Kituntu Village Well in about 48 hours!  More opportunities to come…including a brand new 2012-2013 project that is going to blow you away and help thousands! Stand by!  http://iamsafeworld.org/#/main (-BT)

Just $1000 Shy! We Can Complete Another Well Today w/ Your Help!

We are only $1000 or so short from completing the $6k goal yesterday for the a brand new well for a village in Uganda.  This covers the well (digging, etc), hygiene training, follow-up/maintanance and admin costs.  That’s it!  To give a whole village clean/healthy water!  We only need $1000 more to finish the Kituntu Village well.  It’s a great opportunity to change lives forever in the next month and you can have a hand in it.  We need to raise the extra $1k TODAY…so I’m calling on my friends & supporters to help me finish it.  Click here http://iamsafeworld.org/#/donate to give online today (Make sure you say it’s for the Kituntu Well).  Let’s DO THIS!  ANY amount helps!  Thanks friends. -BT
(PS…You can check my blog post from yesterday w/ more details on the breakdown, etc.  This will be the last post “bugging” you for while)